Server Admin L2/3

Work Type: Full Time

Job Description:


Account Manager – Web Hosting Company


Working Hours: Sun-Thu 9am-6pm.

Probation period: 6 months


Duties and Responsibilities:

·   The duties of the CRM are both sales & technical and include the management of the complete life cycle of the customer from ordering to support to follow ups.

·   Responsible for the daily operations of the technical support helpdesk (ticket system)

·   Answer phone calls and emails with technical issues from current customers and logging a helpdesk ticket

·   Manage customers’ accounts through the internal web system (WHMCS)

·   Be present on the live chat (website) to assist customers with technical issues (level 1, 2,3) also be present on the internal phone system.

·   Have the knowledge and understanding of how Linux/Windows web servers are run

·   Understand the different web server types, operating systems, control panels (cpanel, plesk) and how to manage them

·   Understand basic SSH commands & RDP tools

·   Ability to setup a brand new servers from scratch using root details (install, harden, setup, maintain)

·   Ability to security harden, tweak and analyze server issues

·   Ability to search for spamming customers, resolve IP blacklist issues and manage server IP blacklist and outgoing SMTP issues

·   Work with server/data center providers to setup servers, resolve major issues over all keep the servers healthy and updated to the latest standards

·   Ability to setup shared, VPS, Cloud and dedicated hosting packages

·   Understanding & setup of the new cloud technologies such as VMware, XEN, KVM, Hyper-V, Amazon EC2 (and others), DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc

·   Understanding of common software such as Wordpress, Joomla, email marketing, etc

·   Be responsible for the full technical operations of all servers and systems in the company

·   Be able to work alone, or from home (when needed), independent when other team members are away and proactively respond to customers and fellow employees.

·   Consult & suggest to the management on new tools, software and hardware available in them market.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required:


·   Superior use of internet, SSH, RDP, Email, Domain names, DNS, IP addresses (v4,v6), DNS Zone file

·   Superior knowledge of CentOS, Ubunto, Windows, etc

·   Experience using different web servers, email servers, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, etc

·   Cloud experience to setup, load balance, geo balance, failover setup, etc

·   Experience with web server security, email spamming, resolving hacked websites, hardening website code and web servers.

·   Experience working in a web hosting company

·   Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

·   Strong analytical and problem solving skills under pressure.

·   Knowledge of customer service standards and procedures.

·   Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials – technical knowledge base for customers.

·   Strong English (both spoken and written). Arabic and other languages are a bonus.

Bonus/Extra Skills:

·   Graphic Design skills

·   A minimum of 1 years in e-commerce, website design, basic programming

·   Experience in php, html5, mysql, asp, .net and mssql

·   Prior experience in IT customer support, hosting companies.

·   Entrepreneur spirit


Note: Training will be provided during the first month


What do you get in Return:

·   Work in one of the largest and fastest growing web hosting and domain registrar company in UAE – started as a startup by passionate entrepreneurs who run the business on daily basis

·   Be a part of a reputable and respected, award winning web hosting/domain registrar in the region

·   Participate with the management in trade shows, exhibitions and travel (Europe, USA)

·   Unique freedom to work anytime, from any location and wear shorts and flip flops to work

·   Serve some of the largest customers in the UAE from government, realestate and high profile businesses

·   Become a share/equity holder in the company if you bring your ideas/business, etc

·   No formal employer/employee relationship – we are all friends sharing the same passion

·   Market based salary package with frequent bonuses

·   High growth rate if you prove yourself within 1-2 years

·   UAE Residence Visa

·   1 Month yearly holiday

·   Annual Return ticket to home

·   Health Card

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